Simple pastebin clone written with Perl/Mojolicious/MongoDB. See it in action here. Github.


Simple image gallery written with Perl/Mojolicious. See it in action here. Github.


A simple Browser for Android phones. By default external CSS, images and JavaScript isn’t enabled. This app was written to help bandwidth impaired users (bad data plans or GSM/GPRS/UMTS coverage). This app is not yet in the Google Play Store nor is the source code on github.


A Python script which can be run via cron to download new subscription videos for a user. It uses youtube-dl in the background. Again this is for the bandwidth impaired who want to watch videos without buffering or people who want to easily watch new videos on their TV (via a network media player or HTPC).


A minimalistic Twitter Client for Linux written in Vala, using GTK3. This project exists mainly, because I wanted to try out Vala.


lima-city Co-Admin

I’m a Knight (Co-Admin) at, a big German free web hosting service.

Minecraft Server Co-Admin

I used to be a Co-Admin for a small Minecraft Server.